• Chronic pain
  • Stress/Tension headaches
  • Sports injuries

Conditions  Treated

Clinics are welcome to use the information contained here for your own use. This site turns your space into an instant Rehab Facility.

Each part of this rehab program can be used for non-rehab issues. For example, the meditation is excellent for those that are stressed. The range of motion exercises can be used as a geriatric exercise program, a beginner exercise program and can be adapted to become bed or pool exercises. The stretching is an excellent program for those into sports that need a maintenance program or for those that have recurring aches and pains.

  • Auto injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck and/or back pain

New and advanced information about what fibromyalgia is and what to do about it.

This completely free site provides  quality rehab to anyone in the world. It is provided as a community service because it is needed by many and available to few.


This site provides the same therapy and information that you would be fortunate to find if were to spend thousands of dollars at a large group rehab centre.

Approximately 20% of all injured people develop chronic musculoskeletal pain. This free rehab is an excellent option for many of these people. This is primarily because the therapy provided  here is not resisted exercise based e.g. weights, rubber bands, etc.