Is NDM Effective?

Below is a surface EMG test done before and after 2 minutes of NDM. The pink bars shows areas of high neural activity that corresponded with low back pain. After the test the areas were 100% pain free (even though one area had a higher tension level). The test was performed to show objectively that NDM is fast and effective at changing musculoskeletal function.

If you would like to take the same test to see what NDM does for you, click on the link below and follow the instructions. It is fun and informative

If you would like, you may download the entire NeuroDirectional manual. This manual provides a comprehensive guide to NDM and also provides additional general information that may benefit anyone trying to recover from injuries or who desires advanced stress reduction.

Below is a clinical test that was performed by a room full of primary care practitioners who were introduced to NDM for the first time and the results they experienced. These results were typical compared to numerous other clinical results that were performed with rooms of people recovering from injuries. The file is in a PDF format.